Becky's Story
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Early September 1996, my son and I finally escaped the house we had called home for the last few years. Living with an abusive alcoholic was takings it toll on both of us. We left with our clothes and a meager checking account and moved in with my parents’ house for safety... the scary, dark cloud of the past 4 years had been removed.

My son wanted to send a special gift to his half sister me wearing my first necklace for her birthday. We went to Hobby Lobby in search of something he could make for her. We were both captivated by the beads department. It was there we found a complete kit for making a rose quartz necklace. It contained a beautiful crystal, beads, stringing material and all necessary findings for completing the necklace at a reasonable price. While scanning through the selection I came across one with a beautiful amethyst which I could not refuse for myself. Completely satisfied with our purchases we set for home to string our necklaces.

Being 12 years old he was immediately distracted as soon as we got home and held no interest in putting together the one he was going to make for his sister so I proceeded to make both. By the time I finished both necklaces, having altered both from the directions to what I perceived to be more pleasing to the eye, I was hooked, and I do mean hooked completely. my son

I woke up the next morning and went to hobby lobby and spent $100 on beads and finding. This would normally be fine except I was financially unable to afford such expenses. Throwing caution to the wind and concentrating on the little voice screaming so loudly from within I spent almost all of our meager checking account on my new found addiction.

However, I was not the only one hooked on this new craze; my mother and my son were completely caught up, too. My mother could not have been in my corner more. You see, I grew up in the shadow of the most gifted oil painting artist. I remember going to the arts & craft shows where she sold her paintings. Everyone would ooh and ahh over her paintings but my mother was always captivated my very first booth October 1996 with the jewelry artists' booths. With every jewelry design I made I heard her say "OH Becky! I love it! This looks fantastic! I am so proud of you!" For the first time in almost 10 years since i graduated high school I was serously exploring the creative side of my brain. I can not begin to tell you how many jewelry designs were pouring out of me. My son was caught up in my excitement and went to work with me on designing necklaces for him to wear to school. It was there that the school Resourse Officer spoke with him about a necklace he was wearing. A short conversation lead to her calling me and coming over to the house to see my rapidly growing collection of beaded brainstorms. She immediately fell in love with my designs and soon asked the million dollar question: "how much would you charge me to make this in a different color?" It was at that very second that it all made sense. I said "What?! You want to give me money for these? Are you serious?" I could do this for a living! From that second on the days and nights became one big blur. I was making jewelry 18+ hours a day. I could not control myself, the ideas were pouring out faster than I could make them. If I had to describe my behaviour, my very first day at the River Market March 1997 quite a few words come to mind: obsessed, addicted, consumed, captivated, fixated, turned on, hooked, enthusiastic, fanatical, passionate, spirited, zealous, determined, driven, persistant, relentless, tenacious, unwavering, engrossed... Well, you get the idea. I went completely and totaly bonkers at Hobby Lobby with the money I made from my first ever sale. (I can not lie, my mom convinced me to accept some money from her, an investment, is what she called it.)

Within a month I rented a small booth space at a local craft mall. My inventory was growing at a rapid pace. The craft mall turned out to be a not so profitable venture. I was desperate for the perfect place to sell my jewelry. my booth 12 years later Ironically, I was told that I should set up a booth at the Farmer's Market at the Little Rock River Market by the abusive alcoholic. What made it so ironic was that he was one of the masons who laid the brick at the River Market. And if you've ever been to the River Market, then you know that there are a lot of bricks. Anyway, it was early March 1997, I took two tables, table clothes, shelves, and a chair and displayed my jewelry for the public to see. The responses I got were overwhelming. My sales that first day surpassed a month of sales at the craft mall. Once again i was totally hooked and knew I was on the right path.

Since then I have turned my beading craving my mom painting in her booth and me in my booth into a business. January 1998 I offically left the hobby-hood, so to speak, and got my business license and tax i.d. number and started taking credit cards. It was slow going at first. I needed to reinvest everything I made in to the business, and being a single mom made this a very difficult task. But my son and I were sold on the business that we gave birth to and we were determined that we would make it work no matter what the sacrifices. And we did. My wonderful son helped me in more ways than he will ever know through the next few years. We had perfect attendance at the Farmers' Market. So perfect that we were there year around, not just during the growing season. I was sad when he became more interested in high school than helping me at the booth. But, that is when my future husband entered the picture. A few years later, I talked my mother into setting up a booth with her paintings. I can not begin to describe how happy we both were to be able to do what we both love for a living and do it together. She would always bring 1 to 3 blank canvases and her paints with her. In between talking to customers mom and I my mom, Janet Berger Copeland both were busy, me making jewelery and her painting. I will be forever thankful for those few years that we spent together. You see, we found out way too late that mom's body was consumed with cancer. 2012 was the last year that she was at the River Market. 2013 was a very difficult year for me but some how, day by day, I lived to see 2014 which was a year of re-birth for me. My husband and I purchased my dream house on Lake Conway. My prayers were answered. I have a wonderful place to keep my mother's paintings safe, a studio to make my jewelry, and a breath-taking view of the lake across the street.

During the summer of 2015 I made the leap to retire my space at the River Market and pursue selling my jewelry online full time. beautiful Lake Conway across the street from my house I found our very quickly that I miss selling face-to-face so I participate in a few shows through the year. My health declined the second half of 2015. Early December I was hospitalized for severe anemia and multiple blood clots in both lungs. I am very thankful to be alive and I am still just as consumed with making jewelry today as I was during the early days. However, I have finally learned how to take breaks and not work till my health suffers. But you can rest assured, that the majority of the hours of my day are spent on this business in some form or another. Oh, Dear Lord, its so very wonderful to be able to so something that I love to do, so very dearly, each and every day and to never grow tired of it and still be able to pay the bills! Thank-you God for blessing me with this wonderful job!

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